Tool’s Danny Carey to guest-drum on Late Night With Seth Meyers next week

Posted by on September 22, 2016


One of the more interesting thing about Late Night with Seth Meyers is his band. Granted, in terms of late night show bands, it’s hard to touch The Roots, and Meyers didn’t try. Instead, he got fellow Saturday Night Live alumni Fred Armisen to assemble a band. Picking members of indie rock bands Girls Against Boys and Les Savy Fav, as well as guitarist Marnie Stern, the 8G Band, as they’re called, doesn’t have a steady drummer. They’ve dealt with that in the best way possible – by having guest drummers sit in, sometimes for a week. It happened with Mastodon’s Brann Dailor earlier this year, and will be happening next week with Tool drummer Danny Carey.

Will Danny be joined by the rest of Tool to premiere  a song from their long-in-the-works fifth studio album? In short, hell no. In fact, aside from a guest announcement at the top of the show and a camera pan or two, the guest drummers tend to kind of blend into the background. But with Danny Carey being one of the elite drummers in rock and metal, it’ll be interesting to see how he blends in with the rest of the band. We’ll be watching, and by that, we mean we’ll be watching YouTube for the compilations of his appearances.

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