Red Fang make two TV appearances in the same night

Posted by on January 13, 2014


What’s more exciting than a heavy band making their TV debut? What about making two in the same night? Red Fang not only became the first metal band to play on the Late Show with David Letterman in recent memory, but they also made it on to the season finale of Best Week Ever earlier that night.

A few things are a little strange about Best Week Ever. First of all, that the show’s still on (sorry VH1, it’s not you, it’s us). Secondly, that the show is having it’s season finale two weeks into the New Year. At any rate, the band appeared on the show with an audio recap of the season premiere of the hit BBC show Downton Abbey set to the tune of their first hit, “Prehistoric Dog.” We haven’t watched a single episode of Downton, but maybe it would’ve been funnier if we had. At any rate, that aired around 10:30, or roughly two hours before they played Letterman.

Having recorded Letterman earlier that night, the band showed up at New York’s Idle Hands Bar to watch their two TV appearances. By the time their second TV appearance of the night rolled around, the bar was packed with friends, their label, and other assorted industry hanger’s on. Playing “Blood Like Cream” with keyboard accompaniment from band leader Paul Shaffer was as surreal to watch as it probably was for the band to play with him, and while the band and crowd were in good spirits, every time the camera cut to Paul, the crowd roared their approval. 

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