Nick Hipa (Wovenwar/ex-As I Lay Dying) appears on ‘Billy On The Street’

Posted by on February 18, 2016

Billy On The Street with Nick HipaIf you haven’t seen the TV show Billy On The Street yet… well, it’s worth watching. It’s basically just comedian Billy Eichner running around the streets yelling obscure questions at random people in exchange for a dollar. Most of the episodes (which now air on TruTV) even feature big name celebrities. However, a recent episode of Billy On The Street featured a pretty random appearance from none other than Nick Hipa, guitarist of Wovenwar and formerly of As I Lay Dying.

Hipa and his then fiancé partook in a game called “Nic Cage character or Rapper”, where they had to determine whether Eichner was naming a Nic Cage character or a rapper (ironically not the most bizarre game that’s been played on the show). At one point during the game, Eichner even pushes Hipa for buzzing in too soon and nicknames him Dances With Wolves.

In a tweet response, Hipa confirmed that it was him on the show, saying that “I randomly did that while walkin around Hollywood before a Van Halen show, haha” [editor’s note: the show normally films in New York, but often films certain segments in Los Angeles]. This might be as random of a TV appearance made by a metal guitarist as Adam D’s run on The Price Is Right (though Adam definitely won more than Nick did in his game show appearance).

The show has yet to post an actual video of the appearance online. So for now, you’ll have to make due of the low quality shot clip below if you want to find out if Nick won on Billy On The Street.

UPDATE: In additional tweet responses, Hipa reveals that his segment on Billy On The Street had actually been filmed “seasons ago”, implying that it actually aired back when the show was on Fuse [note: the show originally aired on Fuse, switching to Tru TV this past fall. While mostly new footage, some of the season’s latter episodes were made up of previously seen bits]. When exactly his appearance originally aired is still unclear, though it’s surprising that no one noticed this till now. It should also be noted that Nick and Mariah actually parted ways since the original airing of this segment.


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