Metal heads really don’t need more reasons to love a show like Dexter. It’s a dark comedy about a forensic bloodstain pattern analyst who moonlights as a serial killer. Might not be as brutal as Metalocalypse, but still pretty awesome. Now, it would also appear that Dexter himself is a bit of a metal head himself, or at least likes heavy music.

During his “take-over” of the decidedly non-metal New York station WRXP, Dexter star and Golden Globe award winner Michael C. Hall revealed that he was a huge fan of Monster Magnet, spinning “Nod Scene,” from the band’s debut full length, 1992’s Spine of God. “I was introduced by a  friend,” he told show hosts Matt Pinfield and Leslie Fram. “A bunch of buddies all hailing from Indianapolis who are really into them, and they would would make these road trips to Manhattan. I saw them once live and I couldn’t believe it. I was mesmerized by Dave Wyndorf and the whole band’s murky, swampy stoner rock sound. I looked at this album and this track as a stoner rock anthem. They’re pioneers.” Hall’s Magnet shout-out comes about 2/3rds of the way through the segment. Monster Magnet’s sludgy sound is a pretty heavy choice for Hall, and who knows? Maybe he’ll have more time to discover other metal bands now that he’s single again.