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Kerrang! share their ‘Top 50 Greatest Death Metal Bands Right Now’

Posted by on February 21, 2020

Lists are never easy to make, especially when it involves the best-of list. However, they are always an important starting point to discover an artist or listen to an album you didn’t get a chance to hear yet. With that being said, Kerrang! has created a detailed list with their ‘Top 50 Greatest Death Metal […]

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Metal By Numbers 12/4: The hidden history of the charts

Posted by on December 4, 2019

Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.   The top 40 is a good place to be for most bands, but it’s especially killer to see a death metal band on there. Blood Incantation only have two studio albums under their […]

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Unfathomable Ruination plays first show in box

Posted by on July 3, 2014

British death metal band Unfathomable Ruination played their first scheduled show yesterday in London. However, unlike most bands that play shows in London, a lot more people knew about this show, since it was in a soundproof airtight box just outside London skyscraper The Gherkin. While we couldn’t make it to London to not really […]

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Death metal band to perform inside soundproof iron box until they suffocate

Posted by on July 2, 2014

Heard of British death metal band Unfathomable Ruination yet? While the answer was probably “no” a few days ago, by now you probably have. Earlier today, the band played the first of three exclusive sets inside of an airtight, soundproof, iron cube scheduled to go until they run out of air this week in London, England. The band’s […]

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