Lists are never easy to make, especially when it involves the best-of list. However, they are always an important starting point to discover an artist or listen to an album you didn’t get a chance to hear yet. With that being said, Kerrang! has created a detailed list with their ‘Top 50 Greatest Death Metal Bands Right Now.’ Before you look at this list and wonder where Morbid Angel, Dying Fetus, etc., are, there are specific rules to make it onto this list. These rules are: Bands have to be in the death metal genre, their debut album had to have been released in 2010 or later, they have to be an active band, and have to have at least one full-length record out.    


Check out the bands below and read Kerrang’s full explanation here:

50) Vitriol

49) LIK

48) Zealot Cult

47) Ossuarium

46) Gruesome

45) Micawber

44) Beyond Creation

43) Torture Rack

42) Hath

41) Cadaveric Incubator

40) Coffin Rot

39) Creeping Death

38) Sewercide

37) Unfathomable Ruination

36) Casket Huffer

35) Fulci

34) Krypts

33) Glacial Tomb

32) Genocide Pact

31) Cognitive

30) Pissgrave

29) Mortuous

28) Triumvir Foul

27) Vircolac

26) VHS

25) Mortiferum

24) Chthe’ilist

23) Artificial Brain

22) Teeth

21) Vastum

20) Outer Heaven

19) Of Feather And Bone

18) Fetid

17) The Ominous Circle

16) Desecresy

15) Pyrrhon

14) Carnation

13) Scorched

12) Necrot

11) Witch Vomit

10) Revel In Flesh

09) Slugdge

08) Tomb Mold

07) Undergang

06) Horrendous

05) Blood Incantation

04) Venom Prison

03) Temple Of Void

02) Spectral Voice

01) Gatecreeper