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Best of 2015 from 36 Crazyfists, Secrets of the Sky, The Ocean

Posted by on December 3, 2015

As 2015 starts to draw to a close, we’re continuing to bring you the year in music. It’s been a banner year for music, with lots of releases, and we’re letting some of the people that made that music count down the music that inspired them this year. In this installment, Sean McCullough from Secrets of […]

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Immortal Bird announce October tour

Posted by on September 8, 2015

As mentioned in our interview with Rae Amitay from Immortal Bird back in July, the band will be playing Southwest Terror Fest in October. Now the band has just announced a set of tour dates around the fest in Tucson, Arizona, and they’ll be playing some great bands. Said the band via Facebook: “Was anyone wondering how we’re […]

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Metal Power Rankings: On the Lamb

Posted by on June 13, 2015

Welcome to Metal Power Rankings: Our weekly rankings take a number of factors into account: newsworthiness, record sales, internet buzz, word of mouth and overall importance in the genre. Ultimately, it’s subjective, but if a band generates enough buzz, they’ll wind up on the list. In a little more than a month, Lamb of God […]

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Metal By Numbers 5/28: The charts have got sol

Posted by on May 28, 2015

Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week. Well, this is certainly heftier than last week. Just like I said it would be. As is common for large debut lists, you’ve got band’s making comebacks, a few EP’s, younger bands trying to […]

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Dissident Aggression: Secrets of the Sky – Pathway

Posted by on May 8, 2015

Once in a blue moon a band comes along and releases an album that you can clearly see will entrench them into the annals of genre lore, an album that just sets them apart from the competition from first to last note.  This year’s “it” record very well may come from newest Metal Blade signing, […]

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Secrets of the Sky reveal Angel in Vines video

Posted by on May 5, 2015

[youtube]https://youtu.be/XLdBQSB1mk0[/youtube] On May 19th, Secrets of the Sky will release their sophomore album, Pathway, on Metal Blade. Today, they’ve unveiled a video for the album’s fourthe track, “Angel in Vines.” It’s a moody, atmospheric clip to go along with the moody, atmospheric clip. We’re not sure if the female in the clip is the angel […]

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Inaugural Death to False Metal Festival announced

Posted by on April 22, 2015

We’re not even five months into 2015, but if we were to look at trends for the year in metal, it seems like the metal festival is spreading to the United States. With Roadburn, Wacken, and Download the European standard-bearers, America’s only major multi-day festivals are the Maryland Deathfest, and of course the New England […]

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Dissident Aggression: Top 10 Albums of 2013

Posted by on December 11, 2013

As 2013 draws to a close, we’ve been giving the site over to artists to let us know what they’ve been listening to. It’s proven to a diverse year for artists and albums alike. You can check out part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here, and part 4 here, and part 5 here. However, we also want to […]

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Dissident Aggression: Unlocking Secrets Of The Sky

Posted by on September 27, 2013

Metal, in all its glorious forms, has always been the type of music that is built upon pure, unadulterated, raw emotion.  Whether that emotion is anger or sadness or something else equally trying to the human psyche will go a long way towards just what brand of metal a band will deal in.  For certain […]

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