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Jered Threatin “had a problem with sharing the glory,” brother says

Posted by on November 16, 2018

We are still puzzled and amazed on how the Threatin story escalated to the New York Times. One would think a story like this would come from a Netflix original series (perhaps it still could?) but instead, the tale about a “band” booking a European tour to perform to a crowd of no one, actually […]

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Jered Threatin’s identity revealed, his brother Scott Eames (Thy Antichrist) breaks silence

Posted by on November 14, 2018

Both Metal Sucks and Metal Injection have discovered the identity of Jered Threatin, the one that has taken the wrong steps to make himself “famous.” There’s that old phrase, “do not try this at home.” The same rules should apply with what Jered has done: deceive just about everyone including his family. Apparently, these issues […]

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