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Rock Of Ages Soundtrack, Rerecorded Def Leppard Songs Streaming

Posted by on June 4, 2012

To the delight of musical nerds and people that like seeing Alec Baldwin sing, the film adaptation of the smash Broadway show Rock of Ages is coming out next week. You’ve already gotten to see the trailer, and it makes Moulin Rouge look like Rambo. If in case you’re not convinced that this movie is going to […]

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‘Rock Of Ages’ Trailer Debuts; Looks And Sounds Like ‘Glee’ Gone Glam

Posted by on December 14, 2011

After the success of the off-Broadway play Rock of Ages came word that they’d be making a film version. The trailer for the Tom Cruise and Russell Brand-starring flick has leaked and wow, does it look awful. The movie, directed by Adam Shankman (Hairspray, which should give you an idea of where this is going) takes […]

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The Best Video Ever Of The Week: Lars Ulrich Gets To The Greek

Posted by on May 18, 2010

So Get Him To The Greek, the spinoff of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, is coming out in a few weeks (June 4).  The movie’s main character is a narcissistic, rich, arrogant, self-centered rock star, played by Russell Brand. But did you know that another rich, narcissistic, arrogant, self-centered rock star has a cameo in it? At least he’s got […]

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