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Today in co-branding: Guns N’ Roses roses and Spotify Premium with ‘Times’ subscription

Posted by on February 8, 2017

Marketing – it’s a thing, huh? Until today, Guns N’ Roses have stayed out of the firearms and flowers game, but that’s changing. Thankfully, you can’t buy a GN’R Uzi just yet, but thanks to the geniuses at 1800flowers.com, you can pick up an exclusive Not in This Lifetime bouquet of roses in a red vase. […]

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Pantera makes the NY Times… crossword puzzle

Posted by on January 30, 2015

As metal fans, we’re always somewhere between protective of our favorite bands and proud when they get well-deserved recognition. But when the New York Times crossword puzzle name-checks one of metal’s biggest bands in the paper of record, it’s hard not to get pretty excited about it. That’s what happened with today’s puzzle, where the clue to 51 Across […]

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Lemmy to the ‘New York Times’: ‘I’m paying for the good times”

Posted by on November 22, 2013

With the band’s 21st studio album, Aftershock, out last month, Motörhead should be on top of the world. But with Lemmy Kilmister’s recent health scare, and the band taking off live shows until next year as a result, an interview in today’s New York Times finds the singer/bassist in a pensive mood. Kicked off by with the question […]

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More Details About The CBGB Festival And The Club’s Reopening Revealed

Posted by on May 8, 2012

Yesterday, it was confirmed that Sick Of It All, Vision Of Disorder, Cro-Mags and more were taking part of the CBGB Festival. And now an article in the New York Times not only reveals more details about the festival, but also confirms that new owners are eyeing to re-open the legendary CBGB. According to the […]

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Times Article Looks At Scion’s Metal Initiatives, Finds Good Intentions

Posted by on September 28, 2011

We’ve covered Scion’s music initiatives before. Not only did they sponsor our No Label Needed Contest and Series but the car company has released music from heavy acts like Magrudergrind, Enslaved, Wormrot and Primate through their imprint Scion A/V. They’ve also put on the annual Scion Rock Fest for the last few years, along with countless smaller shows they […]

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NY Times Reports On Mastodon’s Album Artwork

Posted by on August 15, 2011

Of all the places you’d expect to hear about the new Mastodon album, The New York Times isn’t necessarily one of them. But the band’s new album, The Hunter, was one of the focal points of an article in the paper yesterday about how album covers are becoming more and more simple. The culprit? As sales of physical albums decline, […]

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Not Crab-core, Just “Signature Crouches”

Posted by on July 20, 2009

The above caption, taken from a New York Times profile of the crab-core, screamo-crunk-autotune-infested 2009 Warped Tour, is great on so many levels. Who is this Jon Caramanica, and why is a credible establishment like the New York Times hiring someone who takes this shit seriously? I’ve been trying to write about this growing phenomenon […]

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