As metal fans, we’re always somewhere between protective of our favorite bands and proud when they get well-deserved recognition. But when the New York Times crossword puzzle name-checks one of metal’s biggest bands in the paper of record, it’s hard not to get pretty excited about it. That’s what happened with today’s puzzle, where the clue to 51 Across is “Heavy metal band with the #1 album ‘Far Beyond Driven.’ While that’s a question that any metal fan will certainly be aware of, the typical NY Times crossword puzzle-doer probably isn’t aware of Pantera, or a 22 year-old metal album, for that matter. It’s not the only rock-themed clue, either, with 19 Across’ hint being “1972 Alice Cooper hit with the lyric “we got no class.” We’d think people would be more likely to get that one, though. Props to the Times for their vulgar display of puzzle.