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Dexter’s Michael C. Hall loves Kyuss

Posted by on December 4, 2014

Yesterday, Michael C. Hall, who many know as the lead character in Dexter or on Six Feet Under but is currently in the midst of a run on Broadway as Hedwig in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, did an AMA on Reddit. And one of the users, Tejona, asked Hall about his love of metal. Apparently, he’s a big fan […]

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Dexter Loves Monster Magnet

Posted by on December 14, 2010

Metal heads really don’t need more reasons to love a show like Dexter. It’s a dark comedy about a forensic bloodstain pattern analyst who moonlights as a serial killer. Might not be as brutal as Metalocalypse, but still pretty awesome. Now, it would also appear that Dexter himself is a bit of a metal head […]

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