michaelchallYesterday, Michael C. Hall, who many know as the lead character in Dexter or on Six Feet Under but is currently in the midst of a run on Broadway as Hedwig in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, did an AMA on Reddit. And one of the users, Tejona, asked Hall about his love of metal. Apparently, he’s a big fan of John Garcia, as he floated a few of his bands in his answer. “Well, lately, especially while I’m getting ready for the show, I listen to a lot of Kyuss and Sloburn,” he responded.

It’s actually pretty odd that he would get psyched for a musical in which he performs as an East German transsexual by listening to California desert rock, but it’s pretty awesome regardless. The music in the production is more ’70s glam rock, which Kyuss and Sloburn are decidedly not, but then again, Josh Homme has a soulful, melodic voice. And it’s not like his love of stoner rock hasn’t come up before – a few years back, he mentioned during a radio interview that he’d been listening to Monster Magnet’s Spine of God quite a bit:

“A bunch of buddies all hailing from Indianapolis who are really into them, and they would would make these road trips to Manhattan. I saw them once live and I couldn’t believe it. I was mesmerized by Dave Wyndorf and the whole band’s murky, swampy stoner rock sound. I looked at this album and this track as a stoner rock anthem. They’re pioneers.”

It’s always good to find another fan of quality stoner rock. Hall is starring in Hedwig and the Angry Inch through January 18th. Get tickets here.