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Like cats and grunge? Get ready for Purrl Jam

Posted by on May 19, 2016

Joey Siler could have just rested on his laurels after coming up with the relatively brilliant animated fake cooking show¬†Cooking Hostile With Phil Anselmo. Pantera almost never gets old, and neither do Pantera-related puns. Even Anselmo himself got in on the action. He’s gone on to do other stuff though, like Kitties In Chains, which […]

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Cooking Hostile creator returns with Kitties In Chains

Posted by on March 24, 2015

[youtube]https://youtu.be/sAmbjgRLpCE[/youtube] Did you enjoy¬†Cooking Hostile With Phil Anselmo? We did. The Joey Siler-created cartoon was funny, goofy and didn’t overstay its welcome. By the last installment, even Anselmo himself joined in on the fun. Siler is back with an Alice In Chains parody of “Man in the Box.” The band is called Kitties In Chains, […]

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