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Ted Nugent thinks it’s time to tone down “hateful rhetoric”

Posted by on June 16, 2017

Ted Nugent is unapologetically partisan. The Motor City Madman has been pro-gun, which you might guess from his live show, in which he shoots a guitar onstage with a flaming arrow. Yet he’s been even more outspoken about politics, defending apartheid, calling former President Obama a psycopath and saying that he and Hillary Clinton should […]

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Dope makes Trump & Hillary bond in NSFW cover of Ministry’s “Thieves”

Posted by on March 8, 2017

It’s no secret that many aren’t happy about our new President Donald Trump. We have a collection of political statements and outbursts on this subject including Ice-T calling Trump “the ultimate con artist,” one believing his win would be the end of the United States, and others calling him the biggest joke. Additionally, bands fear […]

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Pelican faces backlash after suggesting fans donate to ACLU

Posted by on November 15, 2016

If last week’s election proved anything, it’s that America is still vastly divided. While only 55% of eligible voters even bothered showing up at the polls, the number of people voting in Donald Trump as our next president (26.3%) was about as much as those voting for Hillary Clinton (26.5%). Se by getting involved in politics […]

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Napalm Death’s frontman endorses Hillary Clinton, can’t take Trump seriously

Posted by on November 3, 2016

We’re less than a week away from the elections in the United States but that’s no reason to stop hearing the criticism against the presidential candidates, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. The latest musician to pitch in his opinion regarding the presidential race is Napalm Death’s frontman, Mark “Barney” Greenway. During a recent interview with […]

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Second debate star Ken Bone was drummer in Christian band

Posted by on October 11, 2016

If you’re anything like us, you appreciate a good drunken bar brawl, which is why we tuned in to the second Presidential debate this past Sunday. Whether you wanted to see Hillary Clinton tee off on Donald Trump for his Limp Bizkit-like conversation with Billy Bush “locker room talk” or see The Donald talk over […]

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Dave Mustaine not endorsing anyone for president

Posted by on August 4, 2016

Dave Mustaine is pretty outspoken, especially about politics. A onetime MTV correspondent for the Democratic Convention back in 1992, he appears to have swung back to the right in recent years, stating that Obama wasn’t born in America and that 2012 presidential candidate Rick Santorum seemed like a pretty cool guy. It was enough for GWAR’s […]

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Slayer guitarist Kerry King comes out in support of Hillary

Posted by on July 27, 2016

When you think of political bands, Slayer isn’t the first one to come to mind. Or like the 14th, even. Most of the struggles they write about are of mental and emotional ones. However, guitarist Kerry King, who named “Dittohead” after Rush Limbaugh,  has opened up to Rolling Stone, and come out against Donald Trump, calling Hillary […]

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Gene Simmons calls Prince’s death “pathetic,” saying he killed himself with drugs

Posted by on May 10, 2016

The music world is still coming to grips with the death of Prince. His influence touched anyone that was alive in the ’80s, and while his official cause of death hasn’t been released yet, there have been reports in the media that he might have struggled with addiction to painkillers. KISS bassist Gene Simmons, however, […]

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The 2016 Presidential candidates as black metal bands

Posted by on June 24, 2015

Christophe Szpajdel is one of the most renowned logo designers in the world, having made logos for the likes of Emperor, Old Man’s Child, Nachtmystium and Moonspell. In his mid-40s now, the UK artist has been designing band logos since the ’80s. While his design work won’t automatically make a band more interesting, blog Fastcodesign […]

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