Second debate star Ken Bone was drummer in Christian band

Posted by on October 11, 2016


If you’re anything like us, you appreciate a good drunken bar brawl, which is why we tuned in to the second Presidential debate this past Sunday. Whether you wanted to see Hillary Clinton tee off on Donald Trump for his Limp Bizkit-like conversation with Billy Bush “locker room talk” or see The Donald talk over Hillary while a fly landed on her face, it was a debate for the ages. Both of those things happened, but an unlikely star was made out of an undecided voter at the town hall-style meeting. Kenneth Bone, a super-earnest dude with a porn star name, appeared like a beacon towards the end of the debate. A large man wearing a bright sweater, khakis and a mustache, he lit up the Twitterverse with his question about energy policy like a breath of fresh air amidst all the bickering, and became an instant Halloween costume inspiration. It turns out he’s a rocker as well.

Bone’s friend Joshua Beckett took to Twitter to state that he was once in a Christian pop band with Bone on drums. While he didn’t name the band’s name, he stated in response to a separate tweet “We played pop Christian covers. We may have all been virgins, except Ken. He was the drummer. He had all the chicks.” Bravo, Ken Bone, bravo. The guy even shared a picture of the band, which features a much slimmer Bone wearing a hat. The internet is the best place ever.



[via Loudwire]

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