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Hear Cardi B, Prince, Post Malone and Michael Jackson in the style of Korn

Posted by on January 16, 2018

Anyone with a camera phone and questionable talent can upload a video to YouTube, but when you get down to it, there’s only a handful of YouTubers that are household names in the metal community. The triumvirate of Rob Scallon, Jared Dines and Anthony Vincent (whose “Ten Second Songs”brought him to fame. So it’s cool […]

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Watch Andrew W.K. Attempt 24 Hour Drumming Record Live

Posted by on June 20, 2013

We’ve already known that Andrew W.K. can party hard. And we also know that he loves New York City. What better for Mr. W.K. to do than try to combine those two things while drumming? Right now as you’re reading this, Andrew is in the Oakley store in Times Square attempting to drum for 24 […]

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Oddest Video Ever Of The Week: Hanson Cover Slipknot

Posted by on April 5, 2011

Oh Hanson. Those lovable moppets that came out with “MMMBop” 15 years ago are all grown up now. In fact, they’re grown up enough to have pulled off a pretty great April Fool’s Day joke. Via Shockhound, the band announced that they would be recording an album of Slipknot covers. In fact, they went all […]

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