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Metal Hammer parent company closing its doors, 2016 continues to be terrible

Posted by on December 19, 2016

British publishing company Team Rock “went into administration” officially this week, following layoffs of nearly its entire staff. This is essentially the UK equivalent of bankruptcy; the company is currently retaining a small handful of administrators to assist in liquidating the company’s assets. This is extremely bad news for three music magazines you may subscribe […]

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AC/DC Almost Dropped From Record Label In 1976

Posted by on March 29, 2012

It’s hard to believe that the almighty AC/DC were ever at risk of getting dropped by a label. However, according to the man who signed the classic rock icons to Atlantic Records, that indeed almost happened in 1976. In an interview with Classic Rock Magazine, Phil Carson (Atlantic Records’ London-based chief executive) revealed that AC/DC […]

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U.K. Classic Rock/Metal Magazines Continue To Do Well

Posted by on February 18, 2011

Remember a time before blog sites such as ours, when the only source you had to metal news was through monthly magazines? It’s ok if you don’t, because for a while now, the web has proven to be a valuable, easier, and certainly cheaper source for all of your metal and news needs. Declining sales […]

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Video: Motörhead Kick Some Capitalist Scum Ass

Posted by on December 6, 2010

Never let it be said that Motörhead  isn’t a working man’s band. In their new video for the song “Get Back In Line,” Lemmy and co. let their views on greedy political scumbags be known. You can watch the band get real business done in the video above. The song comes off of Motörhead’s new album […]

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Ronnie James Dio’s Last Song To Be Released

Posted by on December 3, 2010

In an interview with the U.K.’s Classic Rock magazine, former Dio guitarist Craig Goldy revealed that a new song Ronnie James Dio worked on before his death will be released next year. Goldy said the following: “We were working on tracks for a new Dio album just before Ronnie died in May. And we did almost finish one song. Wendy [Dio, Ronnie’s […]

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