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Cannibal Corpse drop “Chaos Horrific” video; bassist Alex Webster reveals why band will unlikely perform with Six Feet Under

Posted by on September 22, 2023

  Today (22nd) marks the death metal giants Cannibal Corpse’s release of their sixteenth studio album, Chaos Horrific, via Metal Blade Records. These giants have unleashed a video for the title track to coincide with the brutal arrival. Legends of the death metal genre since 1988, Cannibal Corpse continues to push boundaries with their latest […]

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Chris Barnes believe Florida shooting survivors are “crisis actors”

Posted by on February 23, 2018

    The term “crisis actor” has been around for a while. Actors portray victims and fake injuries during emergency drills. However, in the past few years, ever since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, it’s taken on a completely different meaning, as alt right talk show hosts like Alex Jones have co-opted the term […]

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Six Feet Under’s Chris Barnes downplays payola accusation

Posted by on March 8, 2017

If you pay attention to metal charts and/or satellite radio, you’ll notice that you’re hearing a lot of Suicide Silence on SiriusXM’s Liquid Metal channel. That’s for a lot of reasons – first off, they’re one of the biggest bands in deathcore, even though they changed their sound pretty significantly for their latest album. DJ […]

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Former Cannibal Corpse guitarist Jack Owen joins Six Feet Under

Posted by on February 28, 2017

Six Feet Under has named a new rhythm guitarist, and he’s a familiar name to many – especially Chris Barnes. Jack Owen, who’d played in Barnes’ former band Cannibal Corpse from the band’s formation in 1988 until 2004, is rejoining Barnes in the band. “It is with great pleasure that I announce and introduce to […]

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Interview: Six Feet Under’s Chris Barnes on ‘Torment,’ touring, Suicide Silence backlash

Posted by on February 6, 2017

One look at Six Feet Under’s Chris Barnes and its apparent this man is not spending 40 hours a week in a cubicle. Sporting dreadlocks well past his knees with earlobes stretched, his exterior reflects a soul that seeks to explore and interpret the extremes and shadows lurking throughout the human experience. A devout fan […]

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Six Feet Under reveal “Sacrifical Kill,” album art, snippet of new song

Posted by on January 10, 2017

It’s pretty unbelievable that Six Feet Under will be celebrating their 25th anniversary next year. And it’s not like the band is stagnant, either, as they’ve announced February 24th as the release date for Torment, their 16th album and third in as many years. Today, the band unveiled a new song, as well as a teaser […]

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Dee Snider, Six Feet Under’s Chris Barnes fight, make up on Twitter

Posted by on October 31, 2016

Last week, Noisey ran an interview with Dee Snider. The soon to be former Twisted Sister frontman spoke about his new solo album, but also plenty about Twisted Sister and his past, including when he spoke to the senate against censorship. When asked how far was too far, he brought up Cannibal Corpse, saying he […]

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Six Feet Under have an Open Coffin Orgy, reveal album art and release date

Posted by on March 4, 2015

Six Feet Under aren’t always the most subtle band, which is probably why the first track to be released from their forthcoming 11th album is called “Open Coffin Orgy.” The album itself is called Crypt of the Devil, and it will be out on May 5th on Metal Blade. And although Chris Barnes hasn’t changed […]

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Interview: Ice T talks Body Count’s first album in 8 years, backlash

Posted by on June 5, 2014

For the better part of the last decade, Ice T has probably gotten a lot more recognition as an actor on Law & Order: SVU than he has as a musician. With the release of Body Count’s fifth album, Manslaughter, next week, that could change. His first musical output in eight years, the album marks a […]

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Cannabis Corpse release ‘Individual Pot Patterns’ with Chris Barnes assist

Posted by on June 4, 2014

Cannabis Corpse started off as a death metal joke, and the Richmond band still have a sense of humor as wicked as the dank buds they write and sing about. Yet the band, which consists of members of Municipal Waste, Gwar and Iron Reagan, among others, have outdone themselves for their latest album, From Wisdom to […]

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