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Deftones’ drummer says Chi Cheng’s death was “a relief”

Posted by on May 11, 2016

It’s been three years since the passing of Deftones bassist Chi Cheng after he suffered a car accident that left him in a coma and paralyzed for years. Those situation can really take a physical and emotional toll, not just on the victims, but on their family and friends as well, and that seems to be the […]

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Metallica, Deftones in the studio

Posted by on January 20, 2015

It used to be that if a band was going back into the studio,  you’d either read about it in a magazine like Revolver or Rolling Stone, or find out when the album came out. Now, the age of social media has made it super easy for acts to update their fans via a simple sentence or photo. […]

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One year after Chi Cheng’s passing, Deftones release ‘Eros’ song

Posted by on April 13, 2014

One year ago today, original Deftones bassist Chi Cheng passed away. It was back in November of 2008 that he’d gotten in a car accident that left him in a coma. While he eventually emerged from the coma, he never made a full recovery. The band had been working on their sixth album, Eros, at […]

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Deftones to begin writing next album in 2015

Posted by on February 11, 2014

Today, the first full length from Crosses (†††) is out on Sumerian. Along with frontman Chino Moreno, the band, which also includes former Far guitarist Shaun Lopez and Chuck Doom, are playing a handful of select shows with the band and promoting the album. As far as his other band, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Moreno […]

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Metallica play Grammys; Hanneman, QOTSA/NIN snubbed

Posted by on January 27, 2014

[youtube]http://youtu.be/c58EfMhd2YE[/youtube] Well, we know that Black Sabbath picked up a Grammy for Best Metal Performance yesterday before the awards show began, and in telling you about it, suggested that the awards show was still worth watching, as Metallica was set to play with Chinese pianist Lang Lang, and the show was slated to end with Nine […]

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Family and friends of Chi Cheng ask you to ‘Buckle Up For Chi’

Posted by on January 9, 2014

Last year’s passing of former Deftones bassist Chi Cheng was a somber reminder that life is fleeting. Following a car accident in 2008, Cheng remained in a semi-conscious state until he lost his battle. As sad as that was, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in vain. Cheng wasn’t wearing his seat belt when he […]

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Metal Insider’s top 20 stories of 2013

Posted by on January 3, 2014

As we close the books on the first Friday of 2014, we thought it might be fun to take a look back at the biggest stories on Metal Insider that ran in 2013. Sure, some of them are closely related to each other, others are huge and exclusive stories, others are gossipy and others, well, […]

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Chino Moreno Still Uncertain About Deftones Album ‘Eros’ Release

Posted by on June 25, 2013

Last month, Deftones frontman Chino Moreno was asked about the release of shelved Deftones album Eros, and commented that it’s release might be imminent. This news came in wake of the recent death of bassist Chi Cheng, who fell into a coma after a car accident in 2008. The accident led the band to shelve the album, and […]

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Chino Moreno Says Lost Deftones Album May Be Released

Posted by on May 13, 2013

[youtube]http://youtu.be/2UvDp1oRmjY[/youtube] It’s been exactly one month since Deftones bassist Chi Cheng passed away and about 4 1/2 years after a car accident left him in a coma. And while the band has continued forward, recruiting Quicksand’s Sergio Vega as bassist and releasing two albums, the band decided to scrap Eros, the album they’d been working on […]

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Chi Cheng’s Family Hosting Gathering This Weekend

Posted by on April 19, 2013

Through the heartbreaking tragedy and ultimate loss last week of deftones bassist Chi Cheng, website oneloveforchi was a constant presence. Started and maintained by fan Gina Blackmore and endorsed by Cheng’s mother Jeanne Marie Cheng, it served not only as a charitable site to solicit donations for his medical expenses, but also as a place […]

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