The Faceless not breaking up, according to Michael Keene

Posted by on October 7, 2013

The FacelessMichael Keene of The Faceless is dispelling any rumors that the band is breaking up. Being asked of the potential split, he told Heavy Blog Is Heavy the following:

“No absolutely not. I don’t know what part of an international world tour, being on a great tour currently, there’s interviews out there where I’m talking about I’m working on a new record, how any of that adds up to us breaking up.”

Rumors of the band’s breakup heightened when Evan Brewer was not seen on tour with them, but later clarified that he was working on another project. However, Keene confirmed Brewer is not out, saying that news would be coming any day about Brewer’s new project.

Keene also  spoke of new material including his new album  Slaves and Masters and a covers album and album of new material to be unleashed by The Faceless in 2014. Indeed, it looks like The Faceless have no plans of disbanding anytime in the immediate future.


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