If you’re planning on seeing Mushroomhead on Saint Patrick’s Day (17) at Music Lynxx in Mentor-on-the-lake, OH, one of two things is going to happen. You’ll either notice that the singer behind the mask isn’t Jeffrey “Nothing” Hatrix or the show is going to be cancelled because Hatrix has left the band. That’s right – Hatrix, who along with drummer Steve Felton was the only remaining founding member of the band’s 25-year career, has chosen to exit the band just 11 days before their next show. A statement from Hatrix says he’s leaving the band “for reasons that are best for me as an artist and musician at this juncture in my career.”

MetalSucks notes that after their March 17th show, they’ll be playing the Alrosa Villa on April 20th, then kicking off a full tour on April 27th in Flint. While there’s been no statement from the band so far, they’ll have to address it if the show is postponed, and you’d think they might want to let people know who’s filling in if they move forward.