Saturday, November 17 was the first time Neurosis played any material from their 10th album, Honor Found in Decay. It also marked the last time that Josh Graham, their visual artist for the past 12 years, would perform with them. Essentially the sixth member of Neurosis, Graham was responsible for both the band’s artwork and the mesmerizing screen images projected on and behind the band as they played. His art was a great complement to the live show, but in a statement, the band has decided to let the music speak for itself:

“As of today, after much thought and discussion, visual projections as we have presented them over the last 20 years will no longer be part of Neurosis live shows.

“We are going to begin the process of reinventing our live presentation. This process will begin at zero, allowing the music to speak for itself and lead us where it may. Whatever form or however long this may take is unknown.

“This also signals a parting of the ways with our visual artist of the last twelve years, Josh Graham. Josh’s tireless work and talent came at a time when we really needed it and carried us gracefully into the video age with original content we couldn’t have dreamed of when we were just starting out. Our parting comes from a place of mutual respect, friendship and understanding. We all agree that this is a step Neurosis has to take and are open to working together on specific projects in the future. We wish him success and the best of luck with all of his own musical endeavors and artistic passions.

In the spirit of sound,

-Steve, Dave, Jason, Noah, and Scott”

Graham has also released a statement: 

“For us all, time for change has come. The friendships and body of work that have spawned from our time together will live on as we move forward. It has been an honor and a privilege to work with Neurosis over the last 12 years.

“As the crossroads are upon us, and we feel that the pinnacle of our collaborative efforts have been reached; we now look toward our individual futures with support and encouragement. Constant reinvention is at the heart and soul of us all, and we will all continue to persevere.

“Despite the larger picture winding down as we move on in our own directions, we will continue to work together on specific legacy projects including reissues and possibly more if/when the right projects come up.


-Josh Graham

It seems like an amicable split at least, and considering that a) they’re open to working with each other in the future, and b) it’s not like Neurosis are a touring juggernaut. And while Graham’s visuals definitely were part of the atmosphere of a Neurosis show, the band’s music certainly stands on its own. And both band’s statements make it clear that we probably haven’t seen the end of Graham with the band. The band will be playing their first Graham-less shows later this week in the UK.

Check out some of the band’s November show at the Fox below.