Modern Day Escape Call It Quits But Forget To Tell Drummer

Posted by on March 5, 2014

modern day escape

Yesterday, Modern Day Escape decided to call for what they say is an indefinite hiatus, but looks to be more or less a breakup. The following was posted to the band’s Facebook page:

Dear beloved fans and friends a like,

since 2006 MDE has written 4 killer rock albums, met some great people, played some amazing venues, traveled different countries, shared the stage with some amazing bands and had some of the most die hard fans a band could ask for, we can not be thankful enough for all the memories and good times.

But all good things must come to a PAUSE.

we regret to inform our fans we will be taking an official hiatus from the music industry as the group Modern Day Escapeuntil further notice.

Sometimes “life can be a bitch”.
see you soon,


It seems like a short simple breakup announcement, but apparently the band was so busy making a decision about the split that no one thought to include drummer Sandra Alvarenga in the discussion. Alvarenga made this post on the band’s Facebook which has since been deleted:






This is a solid example of how not to go about a breakup, hiatus, or really any major decision in the band. We can’t really imagine why the band would just neglect to tell their drummer “Hey, we’re throwing in the towel”, but if the band ever decides to get back together, Alvarenga might not be so willing to come back. That is assuming they tell her at all.


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