New Spider-Man Director Has Metal Ties

Posted by on January 20, 2010

If you haven’t already heard, the next Spider-Man movie will be a reboot of the series, which isn’t even ten years old. Director Sam Raimi needed more time to make the movie, so Sony decided to move on and make the fourth movie deal with Peter Parker in high school, tapping (500) Days of Summer‘s Marc Webb to direct.

Before directing last year’s quirky romantic comedy however, Webb was a prolific music video director. In addition to videos by Disturbed (“Remember”), Cold (“Stupid Girl”) and Soil (“Unreal”), he also directed the above video, among many others. Aside from the irony of someone named Webb directing a Spider Man movie, maybe Peter Parker will newly discover his powers to some Hatebreed? If you think about it, “with great power comes great responsibility” sounds like it could be said by Jamey Jasta as much as it was by Uncle Ben…

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