Video: Here’s The IWABO ‘Beary Scary Movie’ Trailer

Posted by on October 11, 2012


The official reason for Krysta Cameron leaving Iwrestledabearonce was that she was pregnant, but after viewing the trailer for A Beary Scary Movie, it looks like she might have really left because of how cheesytheir horror movie, A Beary Scary Movie, looks. The film, which had its premiere this past Monday in Los Angeles, looks like it cost about $17 to make, which is about $4 more than it will cost to pick up on DVD on November 6. Is it so bad it’s supposed to be good? Could it actually be good? That remains to be seen, and you can’t really tell from the trailer, but it probably depends on how much of an IWABO fan you are. At any rate, check the trailer out, and order it if you’re looking for a post-Halloween metal horror movie that’s not Shocker or Trick or Treat.

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