Webster Hall: Fan died exiting venue, not stage diving

Posted by on May 5, 2014

In the wake of the death of a Miss May I fan at Saturday’s show at the Studio at Webster Hall, the venue is claiming that Alberto Scott died not while stage diving, but while exiting the venue. Brooklyn Vegan cites the club as saying “The patron in question did not die while stage diving. The patron collapsed while exiting the venue, as video footage and the police corroborate.” That account actually matches up with a GoFundMe page set up by a Jenise Ramos Sarrage for funeral expenses for Scott:

On 5/3/14 this vibrant 21 year old young man with a passion for Screamo music and big dreams went to his favorite band’s concert and collapsed and died after dancing.  His only family is his sister and her family who all live in Florida and are already struggling financially.

Either way, it’s tragic that Scott, who was only 21, lost his life at a metal show regardless of whether it was a result of stage diving. Ultimately, an autopsy will likely narrow down the  actual cause of his death. It’s entirely possible that he might have, as showgoers stated on the band’s Facebook page, stage dove and hit his head, then collapsed while walking outside. And this is just us thinking out loud here, but the Studio has a pretty low stage, and since it’s such a small venue, we’re hard pressed to remember anyone stagediving there despite the numerous shows we’ve seen there. Regardless, those that want to help aid in his burial can do so from the GoFundMe page.

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