We were extremely sad to hear last week that Riot guitarist Mark Reale had been hospitalized in San Antonio due to compilations from Crohn’s disease. We’ve been hoping for the best for Reale, his family, and bandmates (who were forced to continue their previously announced shows without the guitarist). However, an update posted on Reale’s website last night regarding his current condition reveals that the situation is worse than we imagined.

The update on Reale’s website read as follows:

“When I went to see Mark today, I talked with his nurse (pray for them too) she was nice enough to give me a medical term of Mark’s conditions.

Mark had a Subarachnoid Hemorrhage [Wikipedia] and is why he’s still in a coma since January 11, 2012 when he was rushed to the hospital. Mark is also fighting several other critical conditions, but is getting the very best here in San Antonio from gifted and talented doctors.

Please continue to keep Mark in your thoughts and prayers, I continue every day reading them to Mark! God hears all of us, ask for HIS goodness to heal Mark. If you would like to write a prayer that will be delivered personally by myself to Mark’s bedside, please click on this link now.”

While we knew Reale was in bad shape, we had no idea that he’s been in a coma. Hopefully Reale makes a full recovery soon. Our thoughts are with Reale, Riot and his family during this unfortunate time.