This isn’t particularly metal, other than the fact that the band is on Roadrunner. It is worth repeating because it’s pretty tragic, though. Madina Lake bassist Matthew Leone was hospitalized earlier this week after being assaulted a few blocks away from his twin brother (and Madina Lake singer) Nathan’s apartment in Chicago, according to a post on Nathan’s blog. Matthew is currently in a coma, and doctors have had to remove a third of his skull due to brain swelling. Doctors are waiting to decide their next course of action until the swelling goes down.

Here’s where the story changes from shocking to heartbreaking: Matthew was assaulted while trying to help a domestic abuse victim. According to Nathan’s blog, Matthew saw a man beating his wife in the street, and rushed to intervene on her behalf, despite being at a major size disadvantage. He managed to subdue the man long enough for the woman to call the police, but while she was making the call, the man attacked Matthew from behind, battered him until he was unconscious, and left him lying in the street

You can view Nathan’s entire blog post at this location, although currently there are no further updates on Matthew’s condition. However, it is obvious that the Leone brothers and all of Madina Lake need all the good thoughts, prayers, and well wishes that they can get right now. Regardless of your feelings about the band’s music, there is no denying that Matthew Leone is a  hero. He risked his own safety to save someone he had never even met, and although it cost him dearly, nothing can take away the nobility of his actions.

As for Matthew, although the situation may look bleak, hope can be found in the healing struggles of another musician. Deftones fans will recall Chi Cheng’s medical crisis that has been an ongoing story for several months, but Cheng is slowly recovering from his injuries as we speak. We can only hope that Matthew experiences similar healing over time, and comes back stronger from it when he’s ready.