A fan reportedly died after attempting to attend Volbeat’s show in Lubbock, Texas last Monday night (March 11). According to KCBD, At the show, 39 year old Jubal Colvin was denied entry to the show (held at the Lonestar Event Center) because he had appeared intoxicated. Eyewitnesses reports claim that he also had tried to sneak a knife into the show (thought that hasn’t been confirmed). Colvin then climbed over a fence and into the venue where security personnel gave chase after spotting him. The chase eventually lead to rooftops, with Colvin apparently tryinh to jump from one roof to the next. However, he missed one jump and fell 20 feet, hitting his head on concrete in the process. Colvin was given CPR and then taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

It’s always unfortunate when something like this happens. Metal shows get enough of a bad rap as it is and the last thing they need is this. Obviously, Colvin’s death was accidental and not directly caused by him being at the show, but that won’t stop some people from trying to point out the dangers of metal shows anyway.

[picture via KCBD]