Malcolm Young’s Son assures rumors about Axl Rose joining AC/DC are legit

Posted by on March 24, 2016

axl roseAt this point, information reinforcing the rumors about Axl Rose fronting AC/DC for the remaining 10 dates of their North American tour keep coming from every front and now, is not from some random radio host from Atlanta, a random fan in an airport or even a random AC/DC rep who can’t either confirm or deny the allegations, this time is coming from the heir of the AC/DC legacy, Malcom Young’s son Ross Malcom Young.

According to Alternativenation.net, Angus Young’s nephew stirred the rumors last night when he shared one of the many articles talking about Rose joining his uncle to cover for Brian Johnson’s shoes after the alleged meeting between Rose and AC/DC in Atlanta. The report claims that when someone commented on Ross’ post by saying he was “opening a can of worms,” he simply reply “It’s true.”

ross malcolm young

After another person stated and question that the band’s decision to invite Axl to fill in for Johnson would hurt the band’s legacy, Ross claimed the decision had already been made. Ross responded, “He can and he will.” Ross later deleted his post.

To add more into this whole ordeal, an admin of one of GN’R forums online, who was the one who originally reported about Rose’s trip Atlanta for a rehearsal, stated the following about his findings:

“Not denying it now. Nor am I confirming. I said what I said. I said what I could. What I said was true. I can’t stop people from speculating, but I can defend myself when somebody claims my accurate information was somehow inaccurate. One side may want something. The other side may be flattered. Doesn’t mean anything is going to happen.”

At this point, we are getting more people sort-of confirming than denying the rumors and that’s actually making us wonder if this is actually a thing to happen. We may find out more about this once Guns N’ Roses hit the road to avoid any press conflict and because, surely, Axl would not want to undermine the glorious return of GN’R by confirming something as big as singing for AC/DC.

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