The Mayhem Festival is about to end this weekend, and King Diamond has been going head to head with the always charismatic Slayer and the rest of the bands on the bill. But that might not be the last you’ve seen of the King this year, and he might be preparing something special for all of us. King Diamond shared the post below on their Facebook page with the caption “ATTENTION EVERYONE!!! Keep an eye out for some major news on August 3rd,” with the image of the album cover for their classic 1987 album Abigail. It could be many different things, for example a reissue of the album, but considering the album has been recently remastered by Roadrunner, chances are very slim; so the only thing left to theorize would be that they would play the album in its entirety next time they tour. The idea was brought up by our friends at Metal Injection during an interview with Andy La Rocque, who responded after being asked if there were any plans to perform the album in its entirety:

“It might happen. I can’t really tell you any, you know, details about it, but, yeah…”

The only thing left to do is wait and see what the announcement will be on August 3rd, but if that’s the case, the King knows exactly what he’s doing cause, even when they just toured across the US twice within this past year, people will definitely go to that. I know I would and probably you as well.

ATTENTION EVERYONE!!! Keep an eye out for some major news on August 3rd

Posted by King Diamond on Thursday, July 30, 2015