Anthrax To Join The American Carnage Tour?

Posted by on July 7, 2010

The American Carnage Tour was already a metal head’s dream come true. I mean seriously: Slayer, Megadeth and Testament touring together again?! Even with the postponement, this tour was a must see for fans this summer. So there is no way this tour could get better, right? Well according to rumors, it just might!

On the verge of the Big Four dates finishing up, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has let it slip in an interview with the site that Anthrax will be joining the American Carnage Tour. That’s right … Anthrax will not only be joining Slayer and Megadeth on tour, BUT WILL BE DOING SO IN THE STATES!

It must be kept in mind that nothing has been confirmed. It is also unsure as to what Anthrax’s participation will entail. However, during the interview in question (which took place prior to the band’s performance in Ljubljana, Slovenia on June 29) Mustaine said the following when talking about how his experience has been during the Big Four Tour:

“We hang out with Slayer all the time, and we’re on tour with them in the States on American Carnage. And Anthrax is gonna be joining us, so it’s gonna kind of be like the Clash Of The Titans thing we did back in the ’90s, too.”

So even though there is no true confirmation, Mustaine pretty much makes it clear, unless somehow the comment was taken out of context. This might not be the Big Four we are still hoping to see in the states, but this is still amazing if it happens. And if the three of these titans wasn’t enough, keep in mind that this still (presumably) includes Testament as well! Until an official announcement has been made, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

You can take a look at video of the interview above (he makes the comment around the the 5:22 mark).

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