AC/DC’s New Box Set Rocks – Literally

Posted by on September 29, 2009

backtrack-box-setSo AC/DC has a new box set coming out. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “I have Back in Black and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, why would I want to buy an AC/DC box set? Here’s why. Backtracks will be available in two editions. The first features two discs of studio and live rarities and “Family Jewels 3,” a collection of music videos and live performances from 1992-2009. Yeah, whatever, fine. The Deluxe Collector’s Limited Edition,” on the other hand is what you’ll want.

Manufactured in an exclusive run limited to 50,000 pieces, the deluxe collector’s edition of Backtracks includes a CD of studio rarities, two CDs of live rarities, the “Family Jewels Disc 3” DVD, the “Live at the Circus Krone” DVD, a front-row immersion in the band’s scorching 2003 club show in Munich, Germany, and a 12″ long-playing album, struck in 180 gram vinyl, of hard-to-find studio tracks. The limited edition Backtracks includes a five-disc media carrier to house and transport the set’s three CDs and two DVDs. 

In addition the deluxe collector’s edition comes with a 164 page coffee table book and an Original Memorabilia Reproductions Envelope containing an astounding array of facsimiles including the “I DO IT FOR AC/DC” button (the band’s very first tour merch), the 1976 “Lock Up Your Daughters” tour flyer, the Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap recording track sheet, a 2′ x 3′ 1977 Let There Be Rock European Tour poster, a Bon Scott parrot tattoo replica, an AC/DC logo guitar pick, an Australian Money Talks dollar, three b&w fine art lithographs of never-before-seen photos of the band in the Alberts Studio in 1977 and more.

But that’s still not why you want the deluxe collector’s edition. Oh no it isn’t. The deluxe collector’s edition comes in a 12×12 replica of a guitar amp – THAT ACTUALLY WORKS! Yes, it’s a fully functional guitar amp. You can actually plug in your guitar and play along with the box set! Or better yet, play music that isn’t AC/DC. Regardless, if you buy one, you’re not only getting an assload of AC/DC rarities, you’re also saving yourself a trip to Guitar Center.

The box set will come out on November 10, and you can preorder it here. Be forewarned though, it’ll set you back $200.


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