Urn’s ‘Iron Will of Power’ is powerfully solid blackened death

Posted by on September 4, 2019

If you read these pages regularly you know I love me some blackened death metal. I can’t seem to get enough of bands like Destroyer 666 and all those wonderful bands from Northern Europe playing some raw, aggressive, yet polished metal. Finland’s Urn is one of those bands and these long-standing vets have a new record releasing on Season of Mist entitled Iron Will of Power. It’s good!

Urn, who first recorded in 1993, has toured with many blackened death bands over the years and has been known and respected in Northern Europe for many a year. I’m hoping that Americans come to embrace quality bands like Urn just like our counterparts across the Atlantic.

The opening track, “Downfall of Idols” is a ripper and sets the tone for the rest of the record. Tons of shades of D666, and that’s a good thing because Destroyer 666 is the apex of this genre. Follow-up tracks like “Funeral Oath” follow the same formula and are punchingly delivered.

Urn is an extreme metal band yet there is still so much groove and so much rock sensibility in their songs. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of blackened death, there are so many hooks and riffs to really draw you in. And every so often Urn is going to give you a hefty dose of a classic metal lead guitar or some familiar NWOBHM sonics.

“Malignant Strange Vision” is the first single released by the band:

“Hunted” is destined to be a blackened death classic and they’ve created a solid video to boot!

This is a solid record and it’s quickly entered my regular listening rotation these past few weeks. Take a listen and discover for yourself!


Iron Will to Power releases September 20 via Season of Mist records. Pre-order here.


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