Live Gig Review: New York salutes fifty relentless years of Pentagram at Sovereign on 6/10/22

Posted by on June 17, 2022


When I noticed a small run of six American dates for Pentagram to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary that would include Brooklyn, NY, at Sovereign, I was excited about seeing them.

Though there have been more refined doom metal bands over the years like Orange Goblin and Witchcraft, Pentagram defines the roots of doom metal ingrained by Black Sabbath with Bobby Liebling at the helm. With this gig the only metal show in my area during my third night off from work, stars aligned. I floated out to the East Williamsburg, arrived at Sovereign with ample time to spare, messing about on my phone, and waited for the kitchen area to open.

First things first, having an early dinner. The Sovereign double cheeseburger was not as unique as their brisket sandwich, but it was still savory, and the blood sauce from the patties leaked out onto the bottom bun with each messy bite. You have to admit that is an ambrosial sign for what was to be a heavy metal evening.

The band of the most note is Pentagram. Though once they started hot with Wheel of Fortune, their setlist highlighted the heaviest songs like Starlady, The Ghoul, and 20 Buck Spin. The most die-hard Pentagram fans were happy. The band presented thunderous energy.

Although sixty-eight, Bobby Liebling’s voice aged like a fine wine. Pentagram’s style is gradual, heavy, ominous, and shady. Heavily distorted guitar riffs are the motive for their sound. It amazes me how between the early seventies and 2022, a Pentagram show becomes more event than a regular concert. However, as exceptional as they were, their set did not go without issue. Bobby’s vocals were poorly mixed. Aside from the one downside was the performance getting blindsided by that problem, it was still a great show.

After their performance with Brooklyn ringing in fifty doom metal years with Pentagram, I headed home to prepare myself for a smooth work weekend and another celebration with John 5 inside the house that Les built the night after.


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