Introducing Kill Dyll, the trap metal artist who transcends genre boundaries with his unique blend of hip-hop, rock, and various subgenres. Hailing from Denver, CO, Kill Dyll’s early introduction to diverse music genres sparked his passion for experimentation beyond rules and barriers. Inspired by artists like XXXTentacion, NWA, Bad Brains, and City Morgue, Kill Dyll has cultivated a complete DIY approach with self-produced beats, self-directed music videos, and handmade character face masks. His latest EP’s, Antagonist, arrived in February, and his most recent, Embrace The Chaos Vol. 1, released on Friday (26th) via Second Estate / Warner Records, showcases his evolution as an artist, delivering a unique blend of brutal raw emotions and heavy electronic beats. Embrace The Chaos, Vol. 1, delves deeper into the complexities of urban turmoil, with gritty beats and raw lyricism painting a vivid portrait of existential angst and societal unrest.


Kill Dyll’s Antagonist EP explores trap metal, seamlessly blending hip-hop, electronic, and metal elements. Across the EP’s six tracks, Kill Dyll demonstrates versatility and innovation, pushing the boundaries of crossover genres. The EP starts with “AGXNY” softly before building to a heavier intensity. This track delves into themes of pain within a rap-infused context, showcasing Kill Dyll’s ability to experiment between genres.

“INTESTINES” follows with its trapt metal style, incorporating hip-hop and electronic influences. This track packs a punch despite its short duration, blending heavy beats with a unique musical landscape. Moving forward, “FUCK AM I FOR” introduces eerie horror-like soundscapes, offering a different take with a horror-themed style. “LIMBO” features jazzy piano undertones and explores a fusion of jazz and rap styles. This experimental track showcases Kill Dyll’s willingness to push diverse influences, even creating a unique genre, jazz-fusion, or trap-jazzed beats; you be the judge.

“LEACH” leans towards a more mainstream and party-oriented vibe, with its aggressive tone and heavy rap influences. Despite the vocals giving the aggressive metal undertones, this track showcases the focus on rap-stylized music with a modern approach, likely more appealing for dance clubs or a festival with a wide range of artists than an underground metal show. “VOID” ramps the volume and intensity, combining hip-hop, electronic, and metal elements into the EP’s finale. This track highlights Kill Dyll’s versatility and willingness to experiment.

Embrace The Chaos Vol. 1:

Embrace The Chaos Vol. 1 takes a deeper dive into trap metal, emphasizing rap and electronic beats. Unlike the above Antagonist, Embrace The Chaos Vol. 1 consists of four tracks with innovative blends of aggression and emotion. The album opens with “PURGATORY,” which sets the tone with its atmospheric introduction and hip-hop-infused beats. While leaning towards mainstream appeal, this track maintains a sense of simplicity and directness, drawing listeners into Kill Dyll’s world.

“FALL BACK” follows with a heavier, darker edge. The aggression in the vocal delivery incorporates metal influences into the overall rap-centric style. “VAN GOGH’S LEFT EAR” delves deeper into the rap territory, focusing on emotional depth and lyrical complexity. While less suited for traditional metal fans, this track offers a glimpse into Kill Dyll’s versatility and willingness to experiment with different sounds and emotions. Closing the EP, “slur” delivers a cinematic finale, blending calm and soothing melodies with atmospheric beats reminiscent of artists like This Will Destroy You. This track showcases Kill Dyll’s ability to create unique soundscapes that go beyond the crossover genre boundaries.

Both Antagonist and Embrace The Chaos Vol. 1 may not appeal to all metalheads. Still, its blend of rap, trap metal, and electronic elements offers something for a diverse range of listeners. With its shorter song lengths and diversified soundscapes, both EP’s set the stage for Kill Dyll to book major festival appearances or tours with a wide range of artists such as Ice Nine Kills or Bring Me the Horizon.