Every Time I Die’s new album Ex-Lives has been getting rave reviews from many sites and publications. And seeing that it cracked the top 20 this week, we’d say most fans are enjoying the record as well. Apparently, though, that wasn’t enough for the Buffalo metalcore band, since they asked comedian Patton Oswalt to share his thoughts on the new album.

And last night, the King Of Queens co-star/ Ratatouille voice-actor’s review of Ex-Lives was posted on Every Time I Die’s website. You can read Oswalt’s hysterical review online, but here’s a little taste of what he had to say:

“The guitar assault is delivered by Keith’s brother Jordan and Andy Williams (not the wonderful crooner who sang “Moon River”, but a younger guy; I checked). If Tetsuo, the Iron Man ever wrote lullabies, they’d sound a lot like the guitars on Ex-Lives. The drums, by Ryan Ledger, are as urgent as GG Allin’s revived corpse, pounding its way out of a crypt.”

So on a scale of “Good News About Fred Durst” (with 1 supposedly being “Fred Gets A Slight Hangnail” and 5 being “Fred Durst Drowns in Nancy Grace’s Diarrhea”), how does Oswalt rank Every Time I Die’s Ex-Lives? Find out for yourself and read his entire review.