New music Tuesdays become new music Fridays on July 10

Posted by on March 27, 2015

record release dayThe headline says it all. We’ve known that the music industry worldwide decided that Friday would become a global release day, much the same way movies are released. Now we know when. According to Music Week, the change will take effect on July 10. According to sources at the publication, the IFPI has had that date secured for a while now. Australia and Germany already has Friday as their new release date, but this will bring in other countries like the United States (where the release date is traditionally Tuesday) and the UK (where it’s traditionally Monday).

It’s not really that drastic of a change. Most new releases wind up at least streaming somewhere a week in advance. Given that Friday is traditionally payday, it could even result in some bigger sales for records. That’s compounded by the fact that records being out earlier in the rest of the world has resulted in piracy. But as streaming continues to grow and purchasing music is continuing to decline, the day that music is available to purchase will matter less and less.

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