And Justice For Paws, the new non-profit initiative founded by Brutal Panda Records co-owner Bob Lugowe goal is to raise money and awareness for domestic and wild animals across the globe. This awareness is in the form of Heavy Metal. Let’s face it, there are many homeless animals, look at the recent incident in Iowa when over 25 abandoned dogs were found.

The organization’s project Vulgar Display of Purring, is ambitious as it aims to include bands and artists in all fifty states who happen to be cat lovers. Today (6th) the first state in the series, New York has arrived. A compilation consisting of 20 NY-based bands including Tombs, Imperial Triumphant, Car Bomb, Moon Tooth, Unearthly Trance, Anicon, Artificial Brain, Dead Empires, Pyrolatrous, Belus, and more is now available. The album features artwork of the original painting from NYC tattoo artist Jon Clue.

To continue to celebrate the album’s arrival, there will be a record release show held towards the end of this month at Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus Bar on June 26th. Dead Empires, Belus, Godmaker, and Wreath of Tongues and special guests are scheduled to perform at the release party. All ticket and a portion of beer proceeds from KCBC will benefit City Critters, a New York State 501(c)(3) nonprofit formed in 1994. You can also check Vulgar Display of Purring’s Instagram as it will feature band members with their cats in an adorable photo.  

Vulgar Display of Purring: NY Edition Track Listing

  1. Imperial Triumphant – Breath of Innocence
  2. Pyrolatrous – Obeisance and Unrequited Adulation
  3. Artificial Brain – Spacid (Demo)
  4. Tombs – Mother of Mercy (Samhain Cover)
  5. Car Bomb – Bra_C_Ket
  6. Woe – Hope Attrition
  7. Anicon – Tarnish On The Emblems Of Ardor
  8. Belus – Avarice  
  9. Containor – Asshole 2 01:17
  10. Godmaker – Over (Portishead Cover)
  11. Dead Empires – Ergot
  12. Wreath of Tongues – Reprobate
  13. Moon Tooth – Belt Squeezer
  14. Blackout – Crusher Malone  
  15. Meek Is Murder – A Prison, A Life Raft
  16. Husbandry – Hierba Mala Nunca Muere
  17. Beast Modulus – Everything’s Shocking
  18. Skullshitter – Struggle To Die
  19. Syndromes – …And Structures Crumble
  20. Bangladeafy – Termites

Order the compilation here.