vale of pnath iiDo you like technical death metal? sure you do, that’s probably why you clicked on this link cause you may have heard of Colorado technical death metal squad Vale of Pnath. The boys have been working on a new album for a really long time, but the wait is over and we finally have details on their newest offering, plus a new song for you.

Vale of Pnath will release their highly anticipated sophomore record  II after 4 long years since their debut album and it will be available on June 10th via Willowtip Records and, to get you excited about it, they released a new track “Klendathu.”

Guitarist Vance Valenzuela comments about the release:

“We’re extremely excited to release our 2nd album “II”. Its been 4 years since the release of The Prodigal Empire, and we have progressed exponentially with this bands sound. We believe it is only the beginning to something great. This is our most dynamic, technical and mature material to date, that’s certain to turn heads.”

You can pre-order the new album here and here.