Trivium Reveals Snippet Of New Song Via Nifty Smart Phone Application

Posted by on July 24, 2013

trivium vengeance fallsJust a few hours after announcing dates with DevilDriver, Trivium offered fans a small taste of material off its new album produced by David Draiman. But there’s a fun little twist to it.

In order to hear the sample, fans have to go to Trivium.fm either online or by using their smart phone. If you use the web version, you’ll need to provide your phone number (make sure to include the country code number), and from there you’ll receive a phone call. Once that’s done, it will say “sending transmission” on your phone or computer screen, and you’ll hear an alien sounding voice as text of what’s being said appears on the screen. As the text Vegeance Falls (the album title that recently leaked) appears on the screen, you’ll start hearing a short snippet of a new song. And as an added bonus, the interactive application gives you a view of the new album’s cover artwork (as seen above).

While at first it sounds a tad complicated, this is actually a really fun, interactive way to reveal a sample and cover artwork for Vengeance Falls. Definitely one of the most creative ways to hype a new album’s release we’ve seen in a long time. Head over to Trivium.fm now to check it out yourself. The next “transmission” is due to come on July 29.

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