While we are wondering if this should be considered as “alternative facts,” #Fake News or legit, we heard there could be a new AC/DC album with Axl Rose coming out sometime in the future. The assumption began shortly after AC/DC’s Angus Young made guest appearances at Guns N’ Roses performances in Melbourne earlier this month during their Not in this Lifetime Tour. Noise11 reviewed this surprise collision, mentioning there could be a new AC/DC album including Axl Rose. The review had the following statement:

“Angus guest starred at the two Sydney shows last week and treated Melbourne to the same formula. Axl Rose fronting AC/DC was controversial and if you didn’t like that combination you will be horrified to learn there is an album on the way.”

A few days later, Noise11 claimed we won’t see this album until sometime in 2018 with the following prediction:

“With Gun N’ Roses dates running through until September it is expected that the next AC/DC album with Axl Rose won’t be ready until 2018.”

There’s been no official word from anyone in AC/DC or Guns N’ Roses camps, and the future of AC/DC remains in limbo, with Angus Young the only original member of the band. Noise11 doesn’t have any official source for this conjecture either, so it’s a completely unvalidated rumor at this point. If we were to hazard a guess, however, we’d think that any album coming from them would most likely be a live one.