Municipal Waste And Toxic Holocaust: two of today’s top-notch thrash bands who (no offense, but let’s be honest) probably get mistaken for each other by a few metalheads every now and again. It’s almost too perfect of a combo. Yet thanks to Tankcrimes Records, the two bands have teamed up for one epic 7” split.

Perfectly titled Toxic Waste, the split will feature two new songs from bother Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust. Tankcrimes will release this split on June 12,  in either “die hard” (picture disc) or “glow in the dark” (vinyl w/ poster of the cover art and “Toxic Waste” beer koozie) format. As if that wasn’t enough, Toxic Waste comes with totally kick ass cover artwork (as seen above) created by Andrei Bouzikov.

Once you’ve stopped hyperventilating from all of this awesomeness, check out the track listing to Toxic Waste after the jump.

1. Municipal Waste “Trapped in the Sites”

2. Municipal Waste “Mourning Sex”

3. Toxic Holocaust “We Bring Em Hell”

4. Toxic Holocaust “Alter-ed States”

[via Decibel Magazine]