More ‘Slipknot’ 10th Anniversary Details

Posted by on August 20, 2009


Details continue to leak out for the Slipknot self-titled 10th anniversary re-issue, including this teaser for the companion documentary, (sic): Your Nightmares, Our Dreams. Apparently it’s a documentary about things being thrown, things catching fire and things being puked on.

The album, due out September 9, will be available as a standard CD/DVD as well as a limited deluxe box set in a special safety deposit box-style case (pictured above).The box set will come with everything a Slipknot fan could want: t-shirts, patches, collector’s cards, key chains, etc.

Oh, and the CD itself will have some new bonus tracks, most of which have been released already in some form or another. Hit the jump for the track listing.

Slipknot 10th Anniversary Edition CD/DVD track listing:

01. 742617000027
02. (sic)
03. Eyeless
04. Wait And Bleed
05. Surfacing
06. Spit It Out
07. Tattered & Torn
08. Purity *
09. Liberate
10. Prosthetics
11. No Life
12. Diluted
13. Only One
14. Scissors
15. Eeyore
16. Me Inside
17. Get This *
18. Spit It Out (Hyper Version) *
19. Spit It Out (Stamp You Out Mix) *
20. (sic) (Molt-Injected Mix) *
21. Wait And Bleed (Terry Date Mix) *
22. Wait And Bleed (demo) *
23. Snap (demo) *
24. Interloper (demo) *
25. Despise (demo) *

* Bonus tracks

Music Videos:

* Spit It Out
* Wait And Bleed
* Wait And Bleed (animated version)
* Surfacing

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