There’s a very good reason why Chris Colgan named Meshuggah’s seventh studio album as one of the most anticipated albums of 2012. It’s been four years since the technical metal group set the world ablaze with obZen, and the follow up has had its fair share of delays. But the wait will finally come to an end on March 27 via Nuclear Blast Records. And though we still haven’t received our first taste of new material, we at least know what the cover artwork and track listing looks like.

Shortly after confirming that the album’s title would be Koloss (which our homeboys at Metal Sucks first discovered), Meshuggah revealed its track listing and cover art work. Granted, the news might not give too much away, but the cover (as seen above) will likely delight most hardcore fans. In case you’re one of the few fans who isn’t hyped about the album, here’s what drummer Tomas Haake had to say about the album:

“As always, we try to take our music in a slightly different direction with each album and with KOLOSS we feel that we really nailed what we were going for. Organic brutality, viscera and groove all crammed into a 54-minute metalicious treat, best avoided by the faint of heart!!”

Let the countdown to March 27 begin! You can check out the track listing after the jump.

  1. I Am Colossus
  2. The Demon’s Name Is Surveillance
  3.  Do Not Look Down
  4.  Behind The Sun
  5.  The Hurt That Finds You First
  6.  Marrow
  7.  Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion
  8.  Swarm
  9.  Demiurge
  10.  The Last Vigil