It’s no surprise that Pantera’s classic album Vulgar Display Of Power would be reissued in some fashion to celebrate its 20th anniversary this year. In fact, we already knew that whenever the re-release would come out, it would include a previously unreleased song called “Piss.” This past weekend, though, more details about the album’s deluxe edition have been revealed.

The two disc reissue of Vulgar Display Of Power will officially be released on May 15 via Rhino Records. While the CD will include the album plus the bonus song “Piss,” the DVD will feature live performances filmed in Italy in September 1992 and the three music videos filmed in support of the album. It’s currently unclear, though, whether or not there will be multiple editions released similar to the Cowboys From Hell reissue.

We’d bet that most metal fans already own this classic album (or at least hope so). However, the deluxe edition might still be worth picking up just to see the performance footage from Italy and to hear the song “Piss” in its entirety. For now, you can listen to a snippet of “Piss” (which first premiered in a 2010 episode of Jose Margin’s re-launched Headbangers Ball ) after the jump.