Adam Poch From Big Brother 13 Recaps The Amazing Race – Week 8

Posted by on November 20, 2012

Big Brother 13′s resident metalhead and reality show addict Adam Poch is recapping The Amazing Race for Metal Insider –  specifically Team Headbangers, consisting of former White Lion/Megadeth/Black Label Society bassist James LoMenzo and entertainment lawyer Mark “Abba” Abbattista. You can follow Adam on Twitter at @heavymetalteddy.


Welcome to the latest edition of the Amazing Race 21 recap – focusing on TEAM HEADBANGERS – James LoMenzo & Mark ‘Abba’ Abbattista. When we last left our Heavy Metal buddies – they tried to check in at the Pit Stop – but were informed that since they did not have their passports, they could not check in. With 2 teams still behind them, they were trying to find the cabbie that ran off with their stuff.


The 2 teams that were still on the course finally finished & checked in. James & Abba went back and were allowed to check in, and as the last team may have been eliminated. When they got to the mat – Phil informed them they were in last place, but since this was a non-elimination challenge, they could continue on the race – but there would come a time when they would need their passports & then would be eliminated if they did not have them. Since they were allowed to continue – at some point during the next leg – they would have to complete an extra challenge known as a Road Block.


One by one the other teams started this leg – first stop was at the Russian State Agricultural University where they had to complete the Roadblock challenge. One member of each team had to look at slides with the 8 time zones in Russia – and then another slide with multiple cities. They were given a time in Moscow and had to write down the time in 5 other Russian Cities. This proved to be a little more difficult than some of the teams thought but one by one they all cracked the code and were able to figure it out – getting their next clue to go to the Russian National Hotel and do the Detour challenge called Movers or Shakers. In Movers – both members of the team had to learn a dance routine with members of the Russian Army – and then complete the dance before moving on. In Shakers – the team had to go to a party – where the guests were dressed up as famous Russian historical figures such as Joseph Stalin, Leonid Brezhnev, & Vladimir Lenin. Once there – they would have to write down how many of each of the seven impersonators there were at the party. After completing the Detour – they got their clue where the next Pit Stop was – Sokolniki Park & they had to find the Amphitheater where they would check in.


Once Abba & James were finally able to start this leg – the first thing they did was went to a police station to fill out a report. With the help of a local – they filed the report and started their challenges. Since they came in last place the previous leg – first they had to do their Speed Bump challenge (which was not really explained on the show – but if you did some internet digging could find) – they had to escort a priest to his church via limousine. Then they were able to continue on. They lost valuable time doing the extra task & filing the report – and ended up checking in last place again. This time however – they were not saved by a non-elimination challenge – and this would be the end of the road for our Headbangers!


This was not a good way for their “Amazing Race” to end – but you could see they never lost their cool – always worked well together – and even won a couple challenges along the way. Before losing their passports they had overcome a few other obstacles including losing their money on one leg. But you always saw them smiling and having fun. So many teams let the competition get to them, but not James & Abba – no matter what was thrown at them, they always kept their heads up – focusing on task at hand – and who knows – if that cabbie did not take off on them, they would be right there in the hunt for the million dollar prize.


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