Among the music industry, Bob Lefsetz is a pretty well-known name. His “Lefsetz Letter” is actually a series of e-mails that’s essentially a blog. An older veteran of the music industry, Lefsetz rages against the industry, writing about how greedy labels are, how the cult of rock stars has turned into a cult of technology. He’s sometimes out of touch, sometimes genius, and never shies away from inserting himself into the story, for better or worse. He’s gotten in e-mail fights with Kid Rock (they’ve since made up) and even had a live debate with Gene Simmons. While he usually talks about the music he grew up with (James Taylor, Steely Dan, etc.), he was at the final Nine Inch Nails show last night, and finally got caught up with some metal.



Encore two was performed with the Dillinger Escape Plan. An act I’d never heard of, but I’ll never forget. A complete band, a NIN doppelganger, who took the stage with such energy that you could feel it blasting in your face. The drummer pounded, then they kicked around his big bass drum, threw it in the air. The guitarist twirled his guitar around his body, again and again. And the lead singer jumped into the audience. Rick Mueller said it was the most exciting act he’d seen all year, Jim said he wanted to see them again. All I’ll say is they got my attention!

Rick Mueller is the president of Live Nation California, while Jim is Nine Inch Nails’ manager. We’ve known Dillinger is an amazing band for years now, and it seems like Trent Reznor’s love of the band might, if not bring them to the mainstream, at least introduce them to some of its gatekeepers. Especially since Lefsetz is old enough that he was probably around when Dillinger escaped.