Queensryche To Be Joined Onstage By Former Member Of Geoff Tate’s Version

Posted by on March 6, 2013

When guitarist Glen Drover left Geoff Tate’s version of Queensryche (before ever playing a single show), it was safe to assume that it was a business decision. Now, though, the split looks more personal as fans will finally get to see Drover play a Queensrcyhe song… with the other version.

Drover revealed that he will join Queensryche (the one with original band members Scott Rockenfield, Eddie Jackson, and Michael Wilton) in Toronto on March 7 in Toronto to play “Take Hold Of The Flame.” “Going to jam on ‘Take Hold of The Flame’ this thursday at the Phoenix in Toronto with Queensryche. Come on out. Going to be a blast!!,” Drover tweeted. However, Blabbermouth found a different tweet with Drover claiming he would be playing with “the REAL Queensryche.” That particular post has since been taken down (and we presume was replaced with the one above).

To be frank, it’s bizarre to think that the two versions of Queensryche are already swapping members (even for just one night) considering that Tate’s version hasn’t even performed yet. Either way, it’s safe to say that the “subtle message” on Tate’s cover artwork now goes for Drover as well.

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